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Ph.D research project impact new attractions

Attraction accountability: the impact of new attractions on the performance of European theme parks (towards an Attraction Response Matrix)

In January 2008 I started a Ph.D-research project into the field of theme parks. During my period as research director at theme park the Efteling I became fascinated by the lack of knowledge in our branche about the economical effects of huge investments (like building a new attraction). How many visitors will a theme park for instance gain by building a new attraction such as The Flying Dutchman (Efteling), the Tower of Terror (Walt Disney Studios), Troy (Toverland) or Shrek 3d/4d (Movie Park Germany)? How long will these effects last? What are the most important characteristics of a new attraction? What's the impact of factors like price, weather, competition etc.? The answers are still not known, but we are working on it...!

On this website I wil share my ideas, thoughts and some results with you.

My promoters are professor Salvador Anton Clavé (Universitat Rovira i Virgili) and professor Hans Mommaas (Tilburg University). The Ph.D is facilitated by the NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences and some larger theme parks in Europe.



Latest news!

15/07/08 - The validity of econometrical studies.

 17/07/08- Professor Anton Clavé is coming to Breda!


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