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Presentations 2008
Paris TEA

The importance of attraction accountability

The reason we know so little about the effect of new attractions comes according to Cornelis (2008) from the fact that we do not have an integrated attraction working model in which the effects have been recorded in connection with each other. Developing new attractions now usually takes place based on subjective, intuitive and often random presuppositions about the possible responses from visitors. Research into the effects of attractions remains therefore insufficient and fragmentary and yields insufficient returns for the branch. 'Without a systematic approach, experience marketing can only be left in the hands of creative and intuitive designers and managers, who albeit talented and well-intended, may not see the customer experience in its entirety and complexity' (Le Bel, 2005). By means of research, presentations and publications I try to change this.

For 2008 the following presentations will take place:

  • Paris TEA members meeting (June 5th-6th)

  • Breda Imagineering revisited (June 15th)

  • Athens 4th International Conference on Tourism (July 3rd-6th)

  • Görlitz (September 18th-20th)

  • Munich EAS (September 30th - October 2nd)

  • Tarragona (October 27th-28th)

  • Gorinchem (December 3rd)


Athens 2008


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